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Hosting an event outdoors can create a truly magical experience for your guests, whether it’s a personal celebration like a wedding or birthday party or a large corporate event or business gathering. Indoor event spaces can quickly become stuffy and uncomfortable. Outside, under a tent, plenty of fresh air can circulate, keeping your guests cool and comfortable. It also opens up your options for stunning venues. You can hold a wedding right on the beach at sunset or an annual company picnic in a picturesque rose garden.

Whenever you host an outdoor event, you should always consider renting tents for the comfort of your guests. Twin Cities Tent and Event Rental is here to help you learn how to improve the quality of your outdoor events and ensure success.

How a Tent Rental Can Take Your Large Outdoor Event to the Next Level

The most important reason to rent a tent for your outdoor event is to protect your guests from the elements. Intense sunlight, rain, or windy conditions can create an uncomfortable environment that prevents guests from relaxing and enjoying themselves. Tents provide shade and cover to keep the elements out.

A tent can turn almost any outdoor location into an event space. This gives you more flexibility regarding where you can host your event. Whether renting an outdoor venue or hosting an event in your backyard, a tent creates a designated event space where guests can come together and celebrate. Say you want to host a large outdoor event at your favorite local restaurant, but they either don’t offer outdoor seating or their patio space is not large enough to accommodate your party. Instead, you could rent a tent on your business property and have the restaurant cater, giving you and your guests the best of both worlds.

Despite the numerous advantages of large outdoor events, many people hesitate to hold their event outside because they worry they don’t have access to or can’t afford a nice enough outdoor space to wow their guests. However, tents come in a wide variety of sizes and styles at affordable prices. They offer a cost-effective way to turn any outdoor space into an attractive event venue.

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Things to Look for In a Tent Rental Company

When considering a tent rental for your large outdoor event, it’s important to make sure you choose a reliable company. You want to find a company that offers a vast selection of tents with customizable options. This allows you to choose a configuration of tents in a style that suits your event and needs. You also want to ensure they offer high-quality, well-maintained tents. Dirty, damaged, or poor-quality tents will not have a positive image on your event space. If you can, examine the tents yourself before you commit to the rental. Read reviews that other customers have left of the company to understand their customer care and service practices.

Twin Cities Tent and Event Rentals offers all the above, plus expert installation and support and timely delivery and removal. We aim to help you put on a one-of-a-kind event with minimal headaches.

Types of Tent Rentals

At Twin Cities Tent and Event Rental, we offer high-peak tents in three sizes:

• 20’x20’ Tents
• 20’x40’ Tents
• 20’x60’ Tents

A 20’x20’ tent can accommodate up to about 40 guests with seating only. This is ideal if you host a smaller gathering, like a birthday or graduation party, without a bar or buffet. If you have more than 50 guests or want to include a bar or buffet, a 20’x40’ tent is more suitable. You might choose a 20’x40’ tent if you are hosting a corporate gathering with a buffet, like a company picnic. If you want to include a dance floor or host 90-100 people, such as for a wedding, the 20’x60’ tent would be best suited to your needs.

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20x60 tent rental

If you do not have your own tables or chairs at which to seat guests, Twin Cities Tent and Event Rentals also offers table and chair rentals. You can also add sidewalls, with or without windows. Sidewalls help regulate the temperature of the event space and block wind. It can also be used to separate your tents into different sections.

How to Make Your Event a Success with Tent Rentals

Twin Cities Tent and Event Rentals is here to help you host a successful, stress-free event. Here are some tips to help streamline your event, from preparation to clean-up.

Pre-Event Preparations

When getting ready for any event, creating a checklist of everything that needs to be done before the big day is always helpful. Try to set specific deadlines for completing each task, and, if possible, set them a few days before you actually need them completed to give yourself some leeway. Speak with your rental companies beforehand to make sure you understand what is included with your rental, including support and installation, and when you can expect delivery. If there are any presentations or ceremonies, schedule a time to rehearse with all the technical elements.

On-Site Management and Coordination

During the event, communication is key. Ensure all event and support staff members have a way to communicate with each other. Keep an easily accessible list of your vendors’ contact information handy in case any issues arise with your equipment. Bathrooms, exits, and other important areas should be clearly marked with signage. Check in with the event staff throughout the process to see if they need any support.

Post-Event Clean Up

Knowing what you are responsible for in the breakdown and clean-up process is important. Do you need to disassemble the tent before the rental company picks it up, or should you let their team handle it? Make sure to discuss this ahead of time and get it in writing if you can. You should also have a team member available to ensure items are picked up and answer any questions the rental company may have if there is a problem.

Host Your Next Event With TC Tent & Event Rental

Our experienced team at Twin Cities Tent & Event Rental can work with you to determine your rental needs. We'll help make your event stress-free and smooth-sailing. Book your rental items with us today!

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